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About Me

I am a graphic designer and digital artist. I grew up in Burlington, Vermont and now live and work in Kansas City, Missouri.

While I have always felt creative by nature, my career has taken a few turns while I figured out how to make that work in an applied way. In 2018, with an English degree and several years of veterinary assistant work under my belt, I returned to school to study graphic design. Since graduating in 2020 with an AAS in Graphic Design, I have worked in a print shop, a small ad agency and as a member of an in-house marketing team. In addition, I have done independent freelance work for political campaigns, churches, dog trainers and everything in between. I have met many wonderful and interesting people along the way.


I drink coffee and love to talk about typography. . I live with my partner, Devin, and three orange cats named Waldo, Antonio and Jake.


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